Some links to sites which are of interest to me in no particular order.

The Melbourne Age
Excellent local "broadsheet" newspaper, read by many from distant shores too.
The Internet Movie Database
Very good database of movie information, good for settling bets about obscure movie trivia. Back in the early '90's, this was the site that convinced me that the Internet was going to be "big".
OpenBSD seems to be just about the only operating system that puts security first. That is why it is what runs my server, firewall and laptop.
Slow Wave
Jesse Reklaw will draw your dreams. A sublime and surreal online comic.
Secure remote logins, also the stealer of my free time for five whole years. With OpenSSH no-one sharks yer packets!
John Pilger
Dissident journalist.
Redhat Linux
What I run on my wife's desktop.
The Parking Lot is Full
Dark, witty, sometimes offensive, but totally hilarious online comic. Unfortunately its authors have decided not to make anymore, but it lives on as an archive.
Victoria Weather Forecasts
Straight from the bureau of meteorology. See also the RADAR and Satellite images.
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Often beautiful, sometimes amazing, always interesting.
Digital library of Computer Science research papers.